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"1v1Me is the best way to make a living from eSports and go pro, starting with being able to play your favorite games for money. Making a living from eSports is almost impossible, and we plan to bridge the gap long term with several different monetization opportunities for gamers. Not only is 1v1Me philosophically aligned with this mission, but our business model also is. Typically, companies in this space will charge 10-20% and take more money away from gamers. Our app is free to use and we take no fees for gamers to compete." - Anthony Geranio, Co-Founder & CEO


Play video games for money against other people. Tap into a growing community of gamers or wager with friends on your favorite games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

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  • Required technology to play specific games

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10/10 - Anonymous This is a very good app to 1v1 friends 10/10 would recommend