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Content CreatorE-commerce
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Small Business
Feb 24, 2021 6:45 PM
"The art world can be elitist. We want to help creatives from all backgrounds to showcase, sell and get their work off the ground and break-in. BRUSHWRK is a collaborative community and marketplace where artists and creatives can share, interact and learn from one another. Our powerful machine learning-powered recommendation engine helps puts you in front of art you'll love, which also means more sales for artists. Everybody wins! Join us and let's make art accessible 💪" - Odie Edo-Osagie, Founder


Easily sell your art. Simply list your pieces and let our algorithm put them in front of people who will love them.

Equipment Needed

  • UK Only
  • Age 12+
  • Smartphone
  • Art to sell

Average Pay

No data

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Platform Pricing

10% take rate

Requires Audience?

No, however it would be helpful




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