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City Shoppe

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Small Business
Feb 16, 2021 10:50 PM

"As a former SMB owner, I experienced firsthand and grew frustrated with the impact tech giants control over our purchasing and the human, economic, and environmental cost of that control. Because of that, I created City Shoppe. We're dedicated to helping small businesses and retail survive, solving two problems that all local SMBs face: getting discovered and growing your business. City Shoppe plans to change the way the world sees e-commerce, local shopping, how we value our community through the way we spend our dollars and time, and the support we give to the people behind the products we buy. Allowing businesses to be presented on the site for who they are, not just what they sell. We're creating an immersive experience that brings in each local city's β€˜vibe’ and makes users feel like they are visiting somewhere, not just sorting products." - Ash, City Shoppe


Sell your local products to a global marketplace.

Equipment Needed

  • SMB owner with a shop in Oregon, Seattle, NYC, LA, Nashville, Austin or Detroit
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Application required those most are accepted

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People Making Money on Platform


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Ranges from free–$45/month

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$100K, currently raising

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