Type of Work
Content Creator
Job Type
Small Business


"Fanhouse is a platform that helps the average creator make money for their platform — imagine posting about your life on a finsta or private alt, but with a paywall and monetization features such as tipping and locked messages. Unlike existing platforms that are geared towards creators with specific skills, such as artists on Patreon or adult content creators on OnlyFans, content creators on Fanhouse can post just about anything, from their casual selfies to their shower thoughts, and be supported by fans who want to see real, personal content." - Jasmine Rice, Co-founder


Offer a subscription for your Finsta-like content. Post shower thoughts, felt-cute-might-delete-later selfies, and sh*tposts. Connect directly with your fans and earn money by growing your exclusive, authentic community.

Equipment Needed

  • Mobile phone & a magnetic personality

Average Pay


People Making Money on Platform


Platform Pricing

10% platform fee

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