Mav Farm

Mav Farm

Type of Work
Content CreatorE-commerce
Job Type
Small Business
Jan 16, 2021 11:40 AM

"At Mav Farm, we believe that art, like information, has to be free. Our ecosystem bridges the gap between art, media, commerce, and intelligence and enables creators to build stronger and direct relationships with their audience and business collaborations. There are over 600k users watching and shopping from over 500 of their favorite creators, cultural influencers, and brands. Not only is Mav Farm helping creators and brands earn more for their creative efforts, it is also helping their audiences find new people and stories to engage with in unique and uncompromising ways." - Mateo Moreno, Co-Founder and CMO


Mav Farm is a platform that allows you to earn by creating, collaborating, and sharing video that sells your or other brands' products.

Equipment Needed

  • Smartphone or similar device to maintain an online presence / business

Average Pay

$32 / hour; $5,600 / month

People Making Money on Platform

532 (January 2021)

Platform Pricing

Free for Creators and Publishers

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