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Nov 16, 2020 6:41 AM
"I was stuck in the Wantrepreneur mindset for many years, afraid of leaving my comfortable consulting job and the chance of failure. My whole network was corporate, too. They didn’t understand the entrepreneur’s way. I was stuck, until I met Anne, a successful founder who challenged me, guided me, and helped me believe in myself. Now MentorPass helps Wantrepreneurs go from idea to product-market fit fast, without giving up 7% equity or a $200k+ student loan." - Kenny Hanson, founder and CEO


Mentor top aspiring entrepreneurs and founders while turning your knowledge into impact and income.

Equipment Needed

  • Appropriate technology to meet virtually with mentees
  • Application required (must have some sort of professional or qualifying experience to be selected as a mentor)

Average Pay

The standard rate is $100 USD/hour, but the range goes from pro-bono to $500 USD/hour

People Making Money on Platform

100+ (Nov. 2020)

Platform Pricing


Requires Audience?





Customer/founder funded

Reviews / Pros and Cons

10/10 - Anonymous I've had a great session with someone that booked on MentorPass where we dove into their marketplace idea, refined it and the business model some, then helped provide them with direction & approach to continue making progress and potentially jump into building an MVP. MentorPass made it easy and the entire experience was really great as someone who offers their expertise on the platform. Also, big fan of the founder Kenny, so that's a plus!
10/10 - Anonymous Since it's recent launch, MentorPass is quickly becoming the best place anywhere for operators to find experienced mentors. I worked with MentorPass as a founding mentor. They vetted the operators to make sure they were a good fit, scheduled it easily onto my calendar and we were able to have an extremely productive conversation that was very valuable for the operator. For mentors looking to make an impact, give back, and get paid for it this is the place for you. For operators looking to get quick advice to break through a difficult problem or for consistent ongoing support this is the place for you.
10/10 - Anonymous I've been a member of MentorPass for a few months and it's had a huge impact on helping me move forward. Being able to pick from a wide range of high quality mentors to help you resolve a specific issue is hugely powerful. The platform encourages you to work towards your own personal set of OKRs - with each mentor session you book designed to help you meet your goals. Great for solving specific problems and giving founders accountability!
10/10 - Anonymous Our startup has been using MentorPass for a month already and it promises to add significant value to our business. We have really appreciated the white-glove service, personalized roadmapping sessions, and quality of mentors.
10/10 - Anonymous I highly recommend Mentorpass to the millennial entrepreneurs out there. Mentorpass has helped me save time by providing me the right advice which is very important for me as I don't think the entrepreneurs need advices but what they need is the right objective advice which mentorpass provides. I love the personalized experience that mentorpass provides which has helped me in a lot of situations like pitching to investors, setting OKRs, public speaking...Kenny has built such an amazing platform and I have had the pleasure connecting with world class mentors who have helped me build confidence in what I am doing and have been there with me through the journey.
10/10 - Todd Emaus Dead simple way for founders to get access to expert advice on-demand. So far, all of the people I've come in contact with through the platform have been top quality. Plus, Kenny is clearly committed to building something great with MentorPass.