Type of Work
Content Creator
Job Type
Small Business
Apr 4, 2021 5:34 PM

"Norby is the only tool you need to grow your audience and build a cross-platform community. Use it to build relationships by hosting events and selling tickets, drive engagement with a beautiful link in bio, activate followers with email newsletters and SMS campaigns, and analyze your funnel to better understand what inspires and motivates your followers." - Nick Gerard, Sam Safer Valentine, & Steven Layne, Co-founders - name, title


Easily build a custom link in bio, send SMS campaigns and reminders, host events and sell tickets with no fees, design custom landing pages and sign up forms, and more.

Equipment Needed

  • Appropriate technology for live-streaming
  • Computer with internet connection or smartphone with data
  • Application required though almost everyone is accepted
  • Age 13+

Average Pay

No data

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Requires Audience?

No, however it would be helpful





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