Type of Work
Adult Content Creator
Job Type
Small Business
Dec 8, 2020 5:21 AM


A place where content creators can earn money from fans who subscribe to their content. It is popular with sex workers but also hosts content creators from other genres such as physical fitness experts, musicians, and other creators who post regularly online."

Equipment Needed

  • Computer or smartphone and internet access

Average Pay

Average Earnings is $180/month. The average creator charges about $12 per subscriber (2020).

People Making Money on Platform

1 million+ (2020)

Platform Pricing

20% fee

Requires Audience?






Reviews / Pros and Cons

10/10 - Anonymous I love this site - it's a great way to build both your confidence and make extra money on the side. It does take a while to actually get subscribers, though, unless you already have a large following. But don't give up! Reddit is your best friend with this :)
1/10 - Anonymous I was rejected twice since Bella Thorne fucked shit up.
7/10 - Anonymous I love the platform and the privacy that I have. I haven't encountered any rude men on there and if you are honest about what you are providing you will be okay. Building a strong following can be hard because I know girls are scared of people finding out but it is doable with Twitter! The app is easy to use, I didn't have trouble getting approved for the site at all.
10/10 - Anonymous I highly recommend but hard to build viewers since it’s an up and coming site mostly featuring big names or popular Instagramers. If you’re not viral, there’s likely any success with the website based on my own experience.
10/10 - Anonymous I’ve heard great things about it!
10/10 - Anonymous It’s a very easy platform, a lot of creators to choose from and a safe environment to have fun.
10/10 - Anonymous Great platform that creates lots of opportunity to earn extra cash!