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Small Business


Grow your live streaming audience and earn money through donations, brand partnerships, subscriptions, and more.

Equipment Needed

  • Content and technology necessary for gaming and streaming on Twitch

Average Pay

On average, expert streamers make $3,000 to $5,000 each month playing around 40 hours a week

People Making Money on Platform

There are 7.5 million active streamers, however, only the top 10% earn a substantial income

Platform Pricing

Platform fees vary based on revenue sources. For instance, Twitch typically takes 50% of subscription fees but 29% of donations

Requires Audience?





Subsidiary of Amazon (acquired 2014)

Reviews / Pros and Cons


10/10 - Anonymous Its the best app to stream on — I stream on it all the time!


10/10 - Anonymous Its a great app for people who love gaming, it is really welcoming. If you love gaming and are looking for side hustle you should start streaming on there.


10/10 - Anonymous Twitch is the best platform for live streaming.