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Nov 17, 2020 10:01 PM

"Wattpad is home to 90 million readers and writers that connect through the power of story. Write the stories you want to read and build your audience on Wattpad. Take advantage of the programs and resources we offer to help you succeed. Over 1000 original Wattpad stories have been published, produced, or adapted to TV or film - yours could be next. Your story matters. Let the world hear it." - Allen Yau, CEO and co-founder


Write about what you love, create new stories, build social communities and get paid for it!

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  • Appropriate technology for writing and publishing content

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7/10 - Anonymous Honestly, I love Wattpad. I enjoy reading books on there as well as writing and creating stories on there. I recommend it for if you're bored in the house all day. Some stories are actually really addicting too!
7/10 - Anonymous I love it although there could be a lot of improvements made. It's not organized and it takes a while to figure out everything. The stories are amazing and I love the small features. Good overall.
8/10 - Anonymous In 2017 it was cool, but now is just porn and boring stories.